Health & Safety

MEM Limited recognises that the talent and energy of all persons involved with the company are its most valuable assets.

It is our aim to achieve a working environment, which is free of work, related accidents, and illnesses and to this end we will pursue continuous improvements from year to year.

We undertake to discharge our statutory duties by:

  • Identifying hazards in the workplace, assessing the risks related to them and implementing appropriate preventative and protective measures.
  • Providing and maintaining safe plant and work equipment.
  • Establishing and enforcing safe methods of work.
  • Recruiting and appointing personnel who have the skills, abilities, and competence to fulfil their role and level of responsibility.
  • Ensuring that tasks given to employees are within their skills, knowledge, and ability to perform.
  • Ensuring that competence is maintained through training where necessary.
  • Promoting awareness of health and safety and of good practice through effective communication and relevant information.
  • Furnishing the resources needed to meet these objectives.

All persons involved with MEM Limited are encouraged to contribute actively towards achieving an accident-free working environment.



Together with the statutory regulations and the company safety procedure this document is reasonably comprehensive, we realise that site-specific conditions are changing all the time.

It is vital that an attitude to the prevention of accidents is always maintained, and safe working is imperative.


Due to the nature of the work undertaken by MEM Limited, it is the responsibility of the senior person on site to promote Health and Safety at work and ensure that working practices are in accordance with the statutory requirements and the company policy.

The Employees’ responsibility in this objective is to:

  • Comply with all safety procedures and controls as dictated by MEM Limited when at work, so long as these procedures are in keeping with the Statutory requirements and are not in detriment to the law.
  • Ensure reasonable care is taken for the wellbeing, health, and safety of themselves and any person’s livestock or property likely to be affected by their actions whilst working for or on behalf of MEM Limited.
  • To utilise and respect all the safety devices and protective equipment provided to ensure the safety of personnel.
  • To report accidents and near misses that could lead to injury.
  • To co-operate fully in the investigation of incidents to ensure that these incidents do not re-occur.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998 (P.U.W.E.R)

This concerns the safe use of work equipment and systems. e.g., Suitability of equipment-assessment of risk. Provision of protective and preventative measures.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulation 1992 (PPE)

This regulation clearly states that PPE should be used when risks cannot be avoided or sufficiently reduced by other preventative measures or through work reorganisation. Relevant PPE will be provided to all MEM Limited personnel.

The Manual Handling Operation Regulation 1992

This regulation requires employers to assess the manual handling on site and within the workplace, take an ergonomic approach and where possible change the nature of any manual handling task and provide mechanical aids in order to reduce or lighten the manual handling of loads.

Safety Training

Health, Safety and Welfare form an integral part of Site induction and job training to ensure that all employees are aware of general safety requirements and their responsibilities regarding safety to themselves and others who may be affected by their actions or omissions. Specific Safety Training, Information and the use of Safe Systems of Work will also be provided where appropriate.


MEM Limited personnel will adhere to all procedures. Evacuation procedures and muster points will be designated by the Managing Director.

  • No MEM Limited employee will fight a fire.
  • No MEM Limited employee is trained to fight a fire.
  • MEM Limited employees will raise the alarm but avoid danger.


To avoid fires MEM Limited will:

  • Put all combustible materials carefully away.
  • Put all wastepaper etc in bins provided.
  • Observe the NO Smoking signs displayed.
  • Remove all clothing, paper, etc from near heaters.
  • Switch off all electrical appliances.
  • Ensure in case of fire, exits locations are known.

Accident Reporting

All accidents and near misses no matter how minor must be recorded in the accident book. MEM Limited management will carry out an appropriate investigation. The seriousness of the incident and circumstances will depend on whether further action is to be taken.

Occupational Health

Where necessary, health surveillance and records will be under the control of MEM Limited Management.

Safe Systems of Work

Safe Systems of Work and Practices consider all the necessary and relevant statutory obligations, codes of practice and HSE guidelines that concern our business, adhering to Method Statements and Risk Assessments and carry out tasks as instructed.

Risk Assessments

This concerns the examination of work activities where there is thought to be a hazard, followed by systematic assessment of the hazard in order to determine the degree of risk. Upon the establishment of the risk, preventative measures are identified and then introduced. They are periodically revised within the Safe System of Work.

Policy Monitoring and Review

The Policy will be continually monitored to ensure its content remains effective and continue to reflect the activities of MEM Limited. This policy will be formally reviewed on an annual basis unless prompted prematurely by changes in Legislation, changes in Management structure, changes in working processes or the occurrence of a major event.

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